Retirees Living Large by Going Small?

Mark Gyorfy

Paul Safranek, the occupational therapist who decides to "go small" in the 2017 film Downsizing, learns that adjusting to a new lifestyle can come with its trials and tribulations. While retiring early and relocating to a warmer climate didn't go as he initially anticipated, Safranek learns to adjust to his surroundings and is able to find new meaning in the life he lives after downsizing.

Retirees in the real world may find themselves looking for a change soon after they reach retirement age. Just like in Downsizing, one of those changes may be one's living situation. Relocating, downsizing to a smaller home, or moving in with a family member are a few alternatives that many retirees consider, but it's important that they do some research before making a decision says Christine Russell, a retirement savings and long-term investing professional at TD Ameritrade.

"Downsizing can be a financial relief, but it's important to verify the math before committing to a move," explains Russell. "Retirees should use caution, especially if they are making a decision in the wake of a major life event. Hidden expenses abound when moving, so grab a friend or trusted advisor to help you think through all the potential costs both during and after your move."

New data from a survey conducted for TD Ameritrade shows that retirees are likely to change their living situation if they haven't already. According to the investor pulse survey, 42 percent of Americans plan to downsize in retirement. Furthermore:

  • 25 percent plan on moving to a warmer climate;
  • 17 percent plan to move closer to family; and
  • Just 6 percent plan on moving to a senior living community

Russell recommends those who are retired or who are approaching retirement age focus on how they want to spend the time in their lives when they are truly in control. Factoring in key considerations when it comes to downsizing is a great first step toward the next milestone.

"If it makes sense for you, downsizing can be the change you need to kick start your next thirty years," Russell continues. "New friends, fun activities and having a fresh start, while also tackling expenses can allow individuals to focus on what matters most to them. Retirement can be the time to craft your vibrant and fulfilling life."

Survey conducted by True North Market Insights
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About the Investor Pulse Survey
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