According to Social Research, the Patriots Weren’t the Only Big Winners on Sunday Night

February 6, 2017 | Alyson Nikulicz

For one night, every year, this nation of football fanatics, pigskin neophytes and everyone in between comes together to watch the NFL’s biggest game of the year. Why? The commercials.

Super Bowl advertising is no longer a sideshow to the football game; it is the championship event to some. In fact, recapping the night’s commercials dominates post-game chatter among Monday morning quarterbacks and those who can’t tell the difference between a touchdown and a first down.

Advertisers spend millions crafting these 15- and 30-second spots aimed at capturing public attention and brand loyalty. Their ultimate payoff is a bottom line boost, but as this year’s TD Ameritrade Ad Challenge shows, public companies that advertise do not have to wait for month- or quarter-end reports for an indication of whether their campaigns were effective, and neither do their retail investors. They just need to check their social sentiment to know what the some in the public think and can watch for an indication of how their stock will perform as a result.

Say you’re blown away by the cutting wit and celebrity cameos in the Super Bowl commercial for a favorite beverage, and the slick sports sedan spot has you rethinking the lifeline of your trusty SUV. You’re moved to comment as such on social media.

The TD Ameritrade Ad Challenge, powered by LikeFolio, tracked these Twitter comments to determine which public company advertiser was the most popular for this year’s Super Bowl. The Challenge organized the public company Super Bowl advertisers into eight categories, and then ranked the winners in each of categories based on total number of positive tweets to determine the overall Challenge winner.

The Ad Challenge offers a testament to the cutting edge social research because social sentiment data can prove itself as a reliable forecaster of company earnings, as noted in a recent case.

In the meantime, pass the chips and guacamole, and watch how the top public company advertisers in the TD Ameritrade Ad Challenge perform in the market in the near future.

For more on the winners of TD Ameritrade Ad Challenge, check out this video: